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From Your Pastor: August 21, 2022

In Genesis 32 we read about a wrestling match. A match between Jacob and a man. We’ve learned that the man was none other than Jesus Himself. It was a match very similar to what every man experiences when confronted with God.

In the case of Jacob, he walked or should I say limped away from there a changed man. Jacob named the place “Peniel” which means “the face of God”. Jacob had wrestled with God.

Every man today and throughout eternity competes in the same match. A wrestling match with God. Even you my friend. Whether you know it or not. This match can last a lifetime or for only a brief moment. Either way this match takes place in every heart.

For man the match is won when we lose. I’ll write that again. The match is won when we lose. When God comes away the victor over you, you win! What an interesting thought. On the other hand when you think you have won the match, you actually lose.

You see, God is the only good thing in our life. There is nothing we can do, see, take or have that can bring goodness to us apart from God. The outcome of life without God is eternity separated from Him and all that is good.

Now you can see why God wants to wrestle you away from a life without Him;

to a life with Him.

For some God has to work overtime to win them to His kingdom. For some He only has to mention the kingdom and they are ready to surrender. Yet, for others God never does convince them of His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. They end up winning the match but loosing at life and loosing in eternity.

I find it interesting in Jacob’s story that he would not let go of the man until the man blessed him. And so, the man (Jesus) asked him his name –Jacob- then Jesus changed his name to Israel. Why? Because he had striven (wrestled) with God and prevailed.

Jacob won because he finally surrendered to God.

What a fantastic way to win. Winning by surrendering.

Only God could come up with an idea like that.

Thank you LORD for winning in my life!!!

From Your Pastor,

Bro. Clay Hicks

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