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March 14, 2021 From Your Pastor!

“Therefore remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at the first… He who has an ear, let him hear… Revelation 2:5a,7a

“I can’t wait to get back to normal.” I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase lately or even said it yourself. Well. You know how pastors are – they’re always twistin’ things up. So here I go again. Do we really want to get back to normal?

You see in Scripture the cause and effect syndrome is always being played out among God and men. God wants to communicate something to us. We however are not always listening. He moves with drastic measures, we encounter those movements and suddenly we get in tune with Him. He now has our full attention.

Now in these movements of God, He has a purpose for them, in them and thru them. Primarily the advancement of His kingdom, the growth of His saints and the salvation of man. Therefore, these movements of God are not intended for us to remain the same, or even get back to normal. They are intended I believe for our change. For our growth.

In the above text God says to “remember from where you have fallen and do the deeds you did at the first.”

The idea is not going back to normal but going back to the way you did things at the first. The beginning, the way you were taught. How do I know this? Because of v.4 “you have left your first love.” The normal for these folks had become abnormal in the kingdom of God. So going back briefly would put them in the same position in which God had to get there attention in the first place. They needed a shake up, a change of course, a new direction. They needed to love Jesus again.

I believe our greatest need in overcoming this past year is not to return to normal, but to learn and accomplish God’s will for you as an individual and for His church. May we never go back to the way it was (normal). May we forever move forward in our advancement of His kingdom and our own spiritual growth, motivated by the salvation of men.

Make it your prayer that we would see and hear what God is saying to us through this strange and challenging time. There is a message behind it.

“…he who has an ear, let him hear.”

From Your Pastor,

Bro. Clay Hicks

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